Gathering, organizing, and pinning your inspiration more effectively for your next project.



For the Kleiner Perkins Design Challenge we were prompted to redesign a feature of a Kleiner Perkins company’s product. As a frequent user of Pinterest, I wanted to see how the process of collecting and organizing your pins could be more efficient.



3 days, January 2019

Mobile App Design

Sketch and After Effects



To understand where users’ pain points were I began by interviewing them before I decided what feature to focus on. I spoke with Julie Chee, and Piper Wysaske who both use the app daily on desktop and mobile platforms. Over these interviews I found pain points and most frequent use cases.

Pain points

  • They often encountered difficulty pinning photos to the correct boards, and when there suggestions for top boards there were only three options given

  • Interactions with photos are mostly only to pin, not to shop or send

  • Users were unaware of features such as sections that help organize inside boards



Current experience


I was drawn to the long press interaction that occurred on the home tab. However, finding boards was difficult due to the lack of visual cues, and most people wanted to pin quickly on a board and return to their scrolling. With these considerations in mind I created a site map and wire frames that would illustrate what would happen if a user interacted with a photo on the home page.



Users long press and drag photos into their suggested top boards. Users place their inspiration into a board, mimicking the physical action of organizing a mood board.

Larger photo sizes give users better preview of their boards. Increased type size allows for better legibility.


Creating a new board

If a user stumbles upon a new source of inspiration, creating a board is now easier to do right from the home page

The form layout for new boards was also reworked. More screen space is occupied by the images to highlight the photography. The CTA was made a larger focus and provided a great opportunity to tie back to the Pinterest brand. Subtle microanimations like the rotating carousel of suggested names and adding collaborators were also included.


Curation sections

During interviews I found that most users were unaware of the sections feature. This allows groups of pins to be made within boards. In the original application, sections can only be created and managed through your already saved boards.

Adding to sections and creating sections is now possible from the homepage. This can be accessed by dragging and holding over the specific board for longer.



This was a great exercise to practice rapid ideation and execution. I loved the challenge of integrating my designs with the existing app architecture and visual language. My conversations with users taught me how they incorporated their passions of crochet, Christmas, and plants with Pinterest. Moving forward I want to user test the prototypes and continue to make the process of adding pins more unified throughout the app.