A collection that highlights the change of season and generated $15.2K in sales on launch day.



The goal of this project was to design company and retail wide assets that highlight the brand new colors and fades within the acetate frames. Additionally to targeting progressive customers by introducing two new metal frame styles. This page can be found below or live here.



3 weeks, August 2018

Warby Parker Brand Design Intern

Digital and Print



This printed lookbook was distributed to retail employees and press to help understand the distinct features of the collection and product highlights.


Design Choices

To highlight the colors within the new Fall frames, I incorporated colors within the photography to borders surrounding photos. These borders or “frames” are also a light play on words to the glasses that are within the photos!


Within my desktop version prototype I created an interactive scrolling experience that connected to the transition of the fall season. My solution was to have images fade in one after another to allude to some sort of transition.





The Fall Core 2018 Collection made up 8.8% of total frame retail unit bookings on a plan of 6.9%, beating planned penetration by +1.9 percentage points. On the day of release, 32.9% of the collection bookings were driven by the web channel, booking 108 units and $15.2K. 17.7% of the bookings were driven by progressives compared to the company wide progressive optical penetration of 10.0%.